Malaga president fined for calling Barcelona 'Catalan scum'


Malaga president Abdullah Al-Thani was fined €3,500 by Spain’s anti-violence commission after using a derogatory term to describe Barcelona.

The fine stems from a tweet in which Al-Thani referred to Barca as “Catalan scum” during his response to a supporter who suggested Malaga should let Real Madrid win on the final day of the season in order to win the league title over the Catalan-based club.

Al-Thani responded by saying, “God willing (Madrid) will get beaten by us, but the Catalan scum will not get a whiff of the title after the lies they spread about (Malaga coach) Michel.”

Barcelona issued a complaint, with the Spanish government’s commission against violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance ruling that Al-Thani’s disparaging remark was worthy of a fine.

Last month, Malaga manager Michel caused a stir in the Catalan capital when he said he hopes Real would have the Liga title wrapped up before his side faces Zinedine Zidane’s men.

Media in Catalonia were then quick to presume Malaga wouldn’t put up a fight against Real in order to allow Los Blancos to secure the title uncontested.

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